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Having a Great Week? Well, I didn’t!

Work life — we all have one or at least most of us do.  Do you want to hear  about my website disaster that started at the end of May?  Probably not but I am going to tell you anyway. I hope my story will keep you from making the same mistakes that I did.

The Back Story

If you know anything at all about me it is that in addition to being a photographer, I am a computer nerd.  So I should know that updates and backups of my website are crucial – right?  No matter what – without fail!  Well, I forgot!  And to make matters worse, my former hosting company, Funio, had not done a complete backup of my website since the middle of May.  (Based on their terms of service, there should have been a complete backup every week but that is a whole other story.)  But I digress…so what happens after this first catastrophe.

Everything started after the automatic update to WordPress 4.8.  I thought everything had gone pretty well until I went to update a couple of pages and what do I see…all the text content that I used to have was completely gone on all the pages.  WP 4.8 had overwritten all of the text widgets on my ProPhoto site with theirs — hence everything was blank.  Still had some images but that was pretty much it.  So I am in full blown panic mode.  Then started the backup issues.

After some really fast discussions with some photographers I trust (Lisa Mark Hines, Matt Thompson), recommendations from Melissa Love, and the tech guys at ProPhoto (Ben and Dan), the obvious Web hosting provider for me was SiteGround.  I got signed up with them last Friday and I thought, this should be pretty easy to move my site over.  WELL…

First, SiteGround were not able to transfer my site successfully..why?  Because it had been enlarging exponentially for years without any notifications to me.  The actual site with data bases was over 200 GB.  No wonder NightinGail Photography was as slow as molasses loading.  So the only option was to start over with a blank slate at our new host!

Then I had to get in touch with my domain registrar in order to point my name servers to my new location at SiteGround.  What do I find is no longer in business so I have an “orphaned” domain.  (FYI–they had billed me in October 2016 for another 2 years of domain name registration which was lost.)  Eventually, I was able to get my domain registered with Enom (the registrar who was responsible for my original reseller) so now NightinGail Photography was on the way to being pointed in the right direction.  The Enom people were fantastic in getting my problem solved in only 48 hours!

So Where Are We Now?

I am rebuilding my site from scratch.  The good thing is that it will be clean of the malware that caused the extraordinary growth of my site, my images will comply with the new standards and I will be doing my own backups on a regular basis.

By the time you read this,NightGail Photography will be back online, ready for business with all the latest and greatest features from ProPhoto and a brand new Client area for proofing and purchasing.

Thank you all for your patience as we have transitioned into our new cyberspace.

If you are looking for a new web hosting company, please use my referral link!  Thanks.

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