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Wedding Planning 101: Hidden Meanings of Colours

Colour paintbox with brush

Choosing your wedding colour palette can be overwhelming — there are just so many options that could fit with your style, venue and theme.  Colour association may help make your decision a little easier.

Different colours have certain meanings — derived from cultural or religious traditions even — and knowing these colours may help you make your final choice.  Here is the meaning behind five of the more popular ones.

White:  Yes, I know that white is not technically a colour but it is a shade that is very popular for weddings.  White is typically associated with purity (so the “white” wedding dress tradition), light and faith.  It is also thought to be linked with perfections as well as new beginnings.


Red:  In most Asian countries, brides wear red because this colour will supposedly bring good luck to their unions.  Red is associated with happiness and prosperity and, it is known as the colour of passion).  So, adding red accents in your colour palette can be a cheerful way to start your new journey as husband and wife.

Bridal Party in red dresses with bride and best woman in black in gardens at Belcroft Estates, Gilchrist, ON

Pink:  This is one of the most popular wedding colour, ranging in shades from fuchia and corals to blush.  Pink is a combination of red and white which means it combines the passion of the former with the purity of the later.  Pink is also associated with compassion, hope and unconditional love, which makes it an ideal hue to include in your wedding because of these meanings.

Bridesmaids in shades of pink

Blue:  This colour has a variety and number of meanings with the foremost being religious.  In Christianity, blue symbolizes virtue and in Judaism, blue is a holy colour.  Other meanings of blue is immortality (China), divine (Egypt) and royal (France).

Wedding party being silly at summer farm wedding near Barrie, ON

Purple:  A very loved wedding colour in North America but many cultures, purple is associated with mourning and funerals.  But in Japan, this shade symbolizes power and in Egypt is represents faith.  Similar to blue, purple has royal associations.

Bride with four bridesmaids in purple dresses at the Bonnieview Inn with Kashawigamog Lake in the background

Yellow:  To some cultures, yellow is a sacred colour while in others, it represents unconditional love.  This bright, happy hue is perfect for spring and summer weddings.

Barrie Golf anc Country Club bridal party playing James Bond, Barrie, ON

Whatever colour palette you choose for your wedding, it will work beautifully.  Every bride just “knows” when the colour theme is chosen because then comes the selection of the venue decor, flowers, bouquets and more.  Don’t forget to try and coordinate the guys with vests, ties, shirts, socks, etc.  Really makes for beautiful pictures.

I’d love to hear what colour themes that you chose for your wedding.  Drop me a comment on the bottom and let me know if choosing your palette was one of the hardest parts of your planning!


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