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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Day-of-Coordinator


“I don’t need a day-of-coordinator because I have a friend who’s going to help us . . . ” OR “. . . I want to do it myself!”  If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard those statements over the years, I’d have a piggy bank full of them!  Not all couples understand the true value a day-of-coordinator can bring to your wedding so it becomes a budget line that is often quickly lopped off the list.  A professional day-of-coordinator has the knowledge and experience that can make your wedding day fabulous and stress-free while allowing you to enjoy every minute.  Here are the top 5 reasons that you should hire one!

Vendor Management

Your day-of-coordinator will review your vendor contracts prior to the wedding to make sure everything is detailed out according to your wishes.  Did the caterer remember to add that champagne toast to your contract?  Your coordinator will double-check every vendor agreement for you.  On your wedding day, they will be the main point of contact for ALL vendors.  They will make sure the set-up runs smoothly and that everyone knows where they need to be and what their duties are.  Most day-of-coordinators also take over communication with your vendors for at least the week leading up to your wedding day and that time allows you to relax and pamper yourself before the big day, pack for your honeymoon and finish up any last-minute errands.

Wedding couple meeting with day-of-wedding coordinator in white office in GTA

Professional, Comprehensive Wedding Day Timeline

A wedding day timeline will take the guesswork out of your wedding day.  After speaking with you about how you want your wedding day to flow, your day-of-coordinator will put together a minute-by-minute timeline for your entire wedding using their exensive knowledge of how each vendors’ responsibilities overlap and/or rely on each other.  A day-of-coordinator acts as the air traffic controller, coordinating the many parts of a wedding day and keeping everything moving forward in an orderly fashion.

Your Wedding Day Vision Flawlessly Executed

Your day-of-coordinator will speak with you extensively before your wedding about your vision is for your BIG DAY!  Depending on your arrangement, they may even accompany you on a venue walk through to chat about how you want everything set-up.  From the largest details like piping and draping the reception area in the right fabric colour to the smallest details like placing your special toasting glasses at your place settings or setting out your place cards, a day-of-coordinator will make sure everything at your wedding is styled according to your desires.

wedding coordinator adjusting table settings

Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional day-of-coordinator will keep you from worrying or stressing on your wedding day!  (Who needs wrinkles?)  No matter what situation or snafu arises, your day-of-coordinator will take care of it quickly and quietly.  You probably won’t even know what happened!

Relax and Have Fun With Your Guests

One of my brides recently told me that she hired me as her day-of-coordinator because she didn’t want to be “In Charge” on her wedding day.  She said she didn’t want people asking her questions or stressing about making sure that everything was set up correctly.  Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a day-of-coordinator is the ability to enjoy and completely revel in your wedding day experience.  Time spent directing vendors is time away from celebrating with your guests and savouring every moment.

Day-of-wedding coordinator consulting with bride during wedding.

So do yourself a favour and entertain the idea of a day-of-coordinator for more than just a few minutes.  Your time is too valuable on your wedding day to be concerned with all the details.  After all the work you’ve put into your wedding, you deserve to have the time of your life and let someone else be in the driver’s seat on your big day!




Julie Pavlovski, Day-of-Wedding-Coordinator
Specializing in destination weddings out of the Pacific Northwest

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