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The Only Engagement Photoshoot Checklist You’ll Need


Congratulations!  He asked and you said “YES!”  Exciting and wonderful times are ahead for you both!

There’s nothing quite as exciting as planning a wedding but it’s so important to enjoy and capture the moments leading up to your wedding as well, including your engagement!

If you’ve recently started planning your engagement shoot, here’s a checklist to keep on hand and in mind that will help you better prepare for it.

  • Time & Date:  Have several time and date options ready to go.  Remember that we might not be available on the date that you had in mind so it’s best to have a couple of other options available.
  • Location:  Take some time in choosing an engagement shoot location as it should not only represent you as a couple but be quite enough for us to take shots without anyone in the background.
  • Schedule hair and makeup appointments:  Now that you have a date set, schedule a hair and makeup appointment for the same day.  Your groom-to-be should also get his hair cut prior to the shoot to ensure that he looks his best.
  • Decide on Outfits:  Your location and the theme of your shoot will play a leading role in the outfits you select.  Choose outfits that are appropriate for your location and make sure that you stay away from distracting prints and accessories. (We would be delighted to assist if you ask!)
  • Get your Nails Done:  Since there will be a lot of close up shots of your hands, it’s important that you have your nails done if you want photos that look really good and don’t distract from that beautiful ring.  It’s a good idea to make sure that your partner’s nails are trimmed and clean too.  (A couple’s manicure is always a nice touch before your shoot.)
  • Clean your Ring:  Your beautiful new engagement ring will also be featured in a lot of photos so make sure that it’s clean and sparkly for your shoot.
  • Pack Comfortable Shoes:  If you will be moving around to different spots in-between photos, bring along a pair of flat, comfortable shoes to wear while walking around.
  • Plan your Wardrobe Change;  If you will be changing outfits during your shoot, make sure that you have also packed shoes and accessories to match.
  • Bring Water and Snacks:  Since you will be busy for an hour or two, it helps to have some light snacks and water on hand to keep you hydrated and energized.
  • Don’t Forget About Touch-ups:  You never know when you may need to touch up your lipstick or blot your fact to get rid of excess oil and sweat so come prepared in terms of makeup and blotting paper.

Finally, aim to make a day out of it!  Since you’re going to be all dressed up, why not plan a lovely late lunch or early dinner after your engagement shoot to end of the day perfectly.


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