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Kissing Takes Work to Get that Perfect Picture . . .

Kissing is Special:

It’s intimate, it’s passionate, and it’s something that happens while in the arms of the person you are star struck in love with. In most cases it doesn’t really matter what your kiss looks like because it’s just between you and your sweetheart. But there are the few rare occasions when it’s in public on display for the world to see. Those occasions often include your wedding and engagement photos. This is nearly always a concern for my engaged/soon-to-be-married couples as we prepare for those photographic events. For those of you who are single you can stop reading here.

First off let me say that not everyone kisses passionately in their engagement photos. It’s not expected, and not required, and some people even email  in advance to let me know they won’t be kissing at all because they think they look funny when they do. I even include a question in my pre-wedding information sheet asking whether the bride & groom will be kissing before the ceremony. So if you’re not interested in the kissing photos- it’s seriously not a big deal. However, for those of you who are-there’s just something about the romance, the intimacy, and the beauty of a great kissing shot that somehow makes a collection of photos complete.

How to Look Good:

So here it goes. How to look good in kissing photos. When you narrow it down there are really two categories of kissing. The first is the passionate, energetic, in-motion shot. This is when the groom wraps his arm around his beauty, pulls her tight, and dips her into a long deep kiss, or when she runs up and jumps into his arms and they kiss while he spins her around. If the shot involves a lot of motion, chances are the photographer is going to go a little bit wider to catch everything. What that means is that it won’t be a tight shot of your faces and you don’t need to worry too much. Just keep it fairly light, try not to eat each others lips, and don’t injure yourself. The ceremony kiss also kind of falls into the action category. That one is more to please the crowd, so have fun with it, maybe add a little dip and you’ll be fine.

The second type of kiss is the romantic whimsical still shot. It’s usually a little closer and this is where things can get awkward. I guess I should start off with what not to do: Don’t eat or suck on each others lips, don’t use your tongue, don’t slobber, don’t press to hard, don’t pucker too much, and make sure to hold it still for a second so the photographer can catch it.

The perfect kiss really comes down to this:

You need to use your hands. Ladies lightly bring one hand up on his cheek or ear or the back of his head and ever so gently pull him in. Guys if you’re going to use a hand be careful to make sure it doesn’t look like you’re strangling her. Gently pull her in with just two fingers under the chin, or just two fingers on her cheek. More than that looks forceful.

Keep it light. The most intimate and whimsical kissing pictures are the ones where your lips are just inches apart as you come into it. It leaves the rest up to imagination and has a really striking effect. I always tell couples to come in to just before they touch and hold it there for a minute.

When you actually kiss, keep it super light, pucker just a little bit, be very gentle and make sure neither of your noses are bent or worse, squashed together like a bad tomato.

Close your eyes.

Hopefully that wasn’t too much information and should be helpful for couples and photographers out there looking for better kissing photos. I won’t embarrass anyone below by making commentary on any individual photos, but these are some great examples of doing it right! =)

Have some better suggestions? I would love feedback or thoughts on how to make this article better!


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