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There are always a lot of questions about how NightinGail Photography works; our philosophy; style; how we keep your information; privacy, copyright license for images; plus lots of other questions. Take time to review all the fine print. Let us know if there is anything else, you'd like to ask!

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We get asked ALOT of questions at consults. Here are some of the more common questions that we get asked when we meet each other for the first time.

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privacy policy


Everything related to keeping your information safe with NightinGail Photography, including compliance with the new GDPR, effective May 2018.

the legal stuff

copyright policy



What is a copyright licence? What are your responsibilities and rights as well as NightinGail Photography's use as defined by Canadian and international copyright laws (2018).

the fine print


+ we believe in love

Everyone's love story needs to be told! Our photography philosophy focuses on telling stories of love, joy, happiness and energy of you!


It tells the stories of how you interact with each other; how you celebrate together; how you laugh; and how you experience the journey of your family together. It tells YOUR love stories.


We believe in providing the absolute best customer service. We approach all our clients' experiences with us by "plussing" -- going above and beyond what is expected.


We bring a similar approach to everything we do, with means going above and beyond just creating beautiful, unforgettable images of your wedding, engagement session, family portraits or business headshots.


ACT NATURALLY -- well that's an oxymoron. When people get asked to stop being themselves and pose -- things can and do get a little awkward and that feeling will show in the picture. You can tell it's fake and the people may even look miserable.


We believe in a more organic style. We suggest movement or interactions that will give every a more natural feel. The majority of our images are not staged so that even the "posed, formal" shots are fun and easy. We capture joy, laughs, romance and more as these occur.


The story of your family in a NightinGail session will show funny moments, shared laughter and the celebration of love. Every photograph will celebrate your family.

Making AStatementWithout Saying AWord