Who is NightinGail?

Well, let me tell you . . .

Our Photography

Creating beautiful images of people is something that I have been deeply passionate about since I first picked up a camera in my teens.  My team brings unique perspectives when we snap those shutters.  We combine our skills to develop images that define your unique and special moments.  We get you showing those emotions "on film (digital now of course), along with natural reactions, candid captures, and a little bit of traditional style thrown in.  

I commit to photographing only a certain number of weddings and family sessions each year.  Why?  This allows me to provide you with dedicated attention to every detail and 100% of service. NightinGail Photography is a boutique studio with all that implies for my clients.

I am motived to be as creative as you, my clients, allow with strong professionalism and ethics to make sure that you are satified with the final results.  It is my #1 priority to build strong relationships with my clients to ensure that I exceed expections in both quality and service.

I am only happy when our clients are happy.  PERIOD!

Me Personally

  • I am a wife, mom, grandma & the aunt with the crazy laugh
  • I love God, my family and photography in that order
  • I love spending time with my humongeous family - & yes, it really is huge
  • I love hanging out with friends - both old and new! Can you tell I love people?
  • I love living at the cottage for part of the year & in the sunny south for the rest
  • I love that I see the funny side of things -- most of the time
  • I love all animals but especially dogs
  • I love bright colours and patterns..and love not following conventions of photography
  • I love coffee -- any and all types of coffee -- so now that Timmies has vanilla lattes -- I am in heaven

About You

  • Love your family - small, big, traditonal - all types of them
  • Are madly in love with each other
  • Appreciate that photography is an important investment
  • Are not afraid to try "anything within reason" for the perfect picture
  • Want quality images that will stand the test of time
  • Are easy-going with a good sense of humour
  • Like to just hang out with friends over a drink (wine is OK)
  • Love fur babies (especially dogs)
  • Are fun to be around 
  • Like popcorn (because it's my fav snack)

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